Women’s Voices Now
Women’s Voices Now

It’s no easy task to take on civil rights for 51% of the world’s population, but that’s just what Women’s Voices Now has done. As part of our Incubator Projects program, we partnered with the non-profit to help them communicate their message clearly and loudly. After all, what good is a voice if no one hears you?

We created WVN a hopeful, colorful identity showing that their can be light in even the darkest crevasses of civil rights. The three lights also speak to their mission’s three pillars: To empower women around the world and give voice to the struggle for civil, economic, and political equality.

The home page gives a quick overview of all that is going on in the world of Women’s Rights, and also allows them to feature any ongoing project, like their first short film festival: Women’s Voices from the Muslim World.

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“The website produced, advanced and extended the reach of this seminal non-profit in extraordinary ways, potentializing it's film festival, providing links and connections to numerous partners and contributors. WVN would not be the viable and qualitative portal without the efficient and creative partnership of One Long House.”—Leslie Sacks, Founder