We all know that Social Media is blowing up, but what most don’t realize is that this is the first time individuals have far more reach than brands. Celebrities can leverage their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages to reach an audience of millions… in seconds. It’s a wonderful power that can be all too destructive if used improperly (cue Congressman Weiner). Apoko helps celebrities understand their fans, engage them more directly, and discover new opportunities — all through the power of Social Media.

Explanatory video created to help people understand what Apoko’s does and how they can help celebrities with their Social Media.

We also led their in-house design team on the creation of their site, housing the sweet, new explanatory video and showcasing their current clients (including: Jessica Alba, Baron Davis, Nick Swisher, Chuck Liddell, Ryan Higa, and Kevin Wu) who have an influence of over 13,000,000 fans.

“I traditionally avoid working with consultants as I've rarely found a group that isn't motivated solely by their hourly rate. OLH, however, is the exact opposite...I found their network of advisors to be collaborative, creative and extremely talented. They set clear deadlines and establish fair rates to ensure client satisfaction. I'd highly recommend OLH to anyone in need of fresh and current design work.”—Cash Warren, Founder