Alan Stuart
Alan Stuart {colab}

A born leader, Alan organized a student protest to get new desks in the 3rd grade. Since then he has convinced many people to join him in creative arms. Paying his dues in publishing, design and art direction, this OLH founder is a long-time photographer with an eye for image and an unending ability to get it done. Need a documentary shot in Kashmir but the roads are closed for the winter? He probably went camping with a helicopter pilot from Jammu, ask Alan.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Client List: The Honest Company, Environmental Defense, Hammer Museum, Johnson & Johnson, Lindblad Expeditions, Scotland Tourism, Coca-Cola, International Center of Photography, Mars (World of Grains),, Weleda, Ile de France cheese, Dominica Tourism
Awards: LA Weekly Best App, One Show Night of the Living Dead, 3 Adrian Awards, CIPR Award