52, The Trolley Bus

The longest in the world, the all-electric trolley bus line #52 begins it’s daily journey in the bustling city of Simferopol—travels over 50 miles to the dramatic coastline of the Crimean peninsula—then back again. This documentary by David Auerbach explores the little known, but often travelled Ukrainian trolley bus line and what it takes to keep it running. What was once a testament to Russian engineering ingenuity is now a comment on post-soviet era life, politics, and work ethic.

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“What you want in a creative partnership is to find someone who can take your ideas and elevate them to the next level. When I approached One Long House with my project, the first thing they did was ask me a million questions. They took my basic ideas, made them their own and soon presented me with a concept. Step by step we continued to hone in on the final product, which in the end was nothing but perfect in every detail.”—David Auerbach, Filmmaker